Our Work Package Leaders

The leaders of the individual work packages of EMBRACE play a very important role in the project as they have a much greater understanding of the detailed scientific work being undertaken in their work package. 

WP1: Improving atmospheric moist convection and tropical climate

jean philippe wp1 steve wp1

Jean-Philippe Lafore

(Meteo France)

Steve Derbyshire

(UK Met Office)


WP2: Ocean and cryosphere processes

corinne wp2  julie wp2

Corinne le Quéré

(Tyndall Centre, UEA)

Julie Deshayes



WP3: Land and vegetation processes

sonia wp3 pierre wp3

Sonia Seneviratne

(ETH Zurich)

Pierre Friedlingstein

(University of Exeter)


WP4:Evaluation of combined improvements in coupled Earth System Models

veronika wp4  martin wp4

Veronika Eyring


 Martin Evaldsson



WP5:Abrupt and irreversible changes

chris wp5 sybren wp5

Chris Jones

(UK Met Office)

Sybren Drijfhout