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The EMBRACE project is committed to providing policy makers on regional, national and European levels with concise and informative output on the aims, progress and results being achieved throughout the lifetime of the project. The project brings together the leading Earth System Models (ESMs) in Europe and corresponding wealth of expertise and offers the potential to provide important improvements to the reliability of climate change projections for the future.



Our final policy leaflet outlines the significant problems present-day Global Climate Models have in simulating both the South Asian and West African monsoon systems. In the article we suggest improvements in the simulation of global monsoon systems will likely only come about once a radical improvement in the representation of deep convection and its interaction a range of atmospheric circulation systems occurs. Please click on the leaflet image to download.




The second leaflet details how work in the EMBRACE project contributed to the recent Global Carbon Budget annual release. Please click on the leaflet image to download.


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We also produced an introductory leaflet for policy makers to explain the goals of EMBRACE and describe some of the exciting areas of research being carried out by our team. Please click on the leaflet image to download.

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An article summarising the background and key aims of the EMBRACE project was recently published in Pan European Networks, a publication aimed at European policy and decision makers. Please click on the leaflet image to download.


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