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Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques (CNRM-GAME)


Within Météo-France, the French weather service, (CNRM) is responsible for conducting meteorological and climate research and for coordinating research/development conducted within other departments. CNRM hosts ~275 permanent positions and 70 students and visitors, working in specialized divisions. CNRM will be represented within EMBRACE by two of these divisions; The mesoscale group «GMME» is in charge of of boundary layer processes, land-surface interactions, convection, clouds. GMME played a major role in the international project AMMA. The climate group «GMGEC» is in charge of studies of natural climate variability and of the impact of human activities on climate. The main focus is on the development of climate models, ocean-atmosphere and land-atmosphere interactions, understanding of climate variability and predictability, the projection of climate change, as well as atmospheric chemistry climate interactions.