EMBRACE General Assemblies

The EMBRACE project has Annual General Assemblies where all partners attend; these meetings provide an overview of the progress of each work package and allow for extensive discussion on problems encountered, potential solutions, and the strategy for the next year of work. The Governing Board (GB), Scientific Steering and Executive Committee (SSEC), and International Advisory Board (IAB) also meet at this time. Project partners can find full meeting information here on the partner intranet.

 Final General Assembly and EMBRACE-CMIP Workshop


The final General Assembly of the EMBRACE project will take place at the Hotel Excelsior in Dubrovnik on Monday 19th October 2015. This will be followed by a joint EMBRACE-CMIP workshop from 20th-23rd October (see workshop website for more details).

3rd Annual General Assembly


KNMI hosted the 3rd AGM in De Bilt 13th-15th May 2014.


2nd Annual General Assembly

met office

The UK Met Office hosted the 2nd AGM in Exeter 25th-27th June 2013.


1st Annual General Assembly

paris notre dame

Our first AGM took place at Université de Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris 11th-13th June 2012.


Additional Meetings

Additional scientific/technical meetings may be required more regularly and these are arranged on a work package level for invited participants.






Examples of research areas targeted by EMBRACE


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